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Hello, I’m Caitlin-Marie

My life story in a nutshell goes something like this: High school girl goes above and beyond when it comes to beautifying any and every school assignment that comes across her desk. Girl decides to go the route of private Art School, excels at design and graduates with Honors. Girl dives head first into the creative field absorbing everything she can about the industry. Fast forward several years and girl comes down with a severe case of wanderlust and decides to pack her bags and move to the epicentre of Europe – London, where she falls head-over-heels for everything English.

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14th of October

MPW Prospectuses

The first major task of the redesign of Mander Portman Woodward was to create a new look for the series of prospectuses. These brochures remain the main recruitment tool for encouraging student enrolment, and with tuition costs exceeding £20,000 per year, it was crucial that the design evoked value for the expense while not alienating prospective pupils with a look too clinical and devoid of youth and personality.

Along with the whole design concept, I took responsibility for the art direction of custom photoshoots at the three colleges, arranged the quoting, proofing, and printing, managed stock levels and arranged distribution and mail fulfillment for overseas agents.

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