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Hello, I’m Caitlin-Marie

My life story in a nutshell goes something like this: High school girl goes above and beyond when it comes to beautifying any and every school assignment that comes across her desk. Girl decides to go the route of private Art School, excels at design and graduates with Honors. Girl dives head first into the creative field absorbing everything she can about the industry. Fast forward several years and girl comes down with a severe case of wanderlust and decides to pack her bags and move to the epicentre of Europe – London. Now I’m back in my home and native land and ready to establish myself all over again.

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8th of August

Fortune cookie ponderings.

One of the many rituals I’m going to miss most when I leave the Studiothink family, is our daily debate of what’s for lunch. Going out to grab lunch is like the equivalent of a smoke break for us health-conscious, non-smoker types – though I’m not exactly sure how health-conscious you can actually consider us when most of our lunch trips involve french fries. (Speaking of which, I guess it’s about time to start training myself to adhere to the whole chip/crisp rule!) Anyway, today Chinese food was the cuisine to win out. Fast forward, a box of honey almond chicken and far too much chow mein later, the Universe spoke to me in the form of my fortune cookie fortune. Ok, maybe not really, but after a car ride to the restaurant spent counting up the days until my October 12th, one-way flight departure I find it very interesting that my fortune should read “Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.”, especially when paired with my previous meal’s fortune of “Do not rush through life, pause and enjoy it.”

Now maybe you’ll think me too superstitious or a romantic, or just plain ridiculous, but I’m taking it as a sign from the Universe to start REALLY appreciating the final weeks of this fantastic summer, the fantastic place I live, and the fantastic people I share this life with.

So thanks for the subtle reminder, Universe. :)

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