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Hello, I’m Caitlin-Marie

My life story in a nutshell goes something like this: High school girl goes above and beyond when it comes to beautifying any and every school assignment that comes across her desk. Girl decides to go the route of private Art School, excels at design and graduates with Honors. Girl dives head first into the creative field absorbing everything she can about the industry. Fast forward several years and girl comes down with a severe case of wanderlust and decides to pack her bags and move to the epicentre of Europe – London. Now I’m back in my home and native land and ready to establish myself all over again.

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21st of January

So this one time, on TV…

In an effort to continually make the most of this incredible city of London, I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Some say moving over here in the first place was pretty gutsy. Well, I think I officially topped that by signing up for the dating reality television programme, First Dates. I’ve always said the British have the most bizarre taste in TV – honestly, the level of excitement these people get over The Great British Bake Off is insane, but then again, I suppose I came over to the dark side once I’d seen a few episodes of the ridiculous but much beloved Gogglebox – so it basically never crossed my mind that I’d ever be a willing participant, but being single in this massive metropolis does strange things to you. Suddenly you’re willing to go on Groupers, or try ping-pong speed dating. I mean, you can only sit on your couch watching back-to-back reruns of Dinner Date for so long before you start gesturing at the TV, complaining to your flatmates that you could surely cook a better pudding! So, throwing caution and vanity to the wind, I decided to put my money where my mouth was and apply.

For First Dates the premise is pretty simple, a restaurant is taken over and filled completely with blind dates which are filmed for the benefit of the viewer. There are interview portions too where you inadvertently end up spilling your guts, blurting out phrases such as this gem “Marry me! I don’t need a big wedding! Now THAT sounds desperate, doesn’t it?” (my personal best one-liner, I think it’s safe to say) only to surely have them edited to portray you as God knows what! And you can’t forget about the follow up interview where they actually put you in the room with your date and make you fess up whether you’re up for a second date or not – talk about pressure! Side note: Making someone your “Brunch Friend” takes friend-zoning to a whole other level.

But blunders, blushes and awkward silences aside, I like to scratch it all up to experience and another dating-bucket-list item clearly checked off.

So how did the date go, you may ask? You’ll have to join the rest of the country and wait to see for yourself! Stay tuned! ;)

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