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Hello, I’m Caitlin-Marie

My life story in a nutshell goes something like this: High school girl goes above and beyond when it comes to beautifying any and every school assignment that comes across her desk. Girl decides to go the route of private Art School, excels at design and graduates with Honors. Girl dives head first into the creative field absorbing everything she can about the industry. Fast forward several years and girl comes down with a severe case of wanderlust and decides to pack her bags and move to the epicentre of Europe – London. Now I’m back in my home and native land and ready to establish myself all over again.

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24th of March

The rebrand.

About the only thing I find harder than waiting patiently for the fall to roll around so I can take off and start this new chapter in my life, is the prep work for job hunting. As a designer your personal brand is absolutely vital. I mean how is anyone else supposed to trust you with the face and identity of their company if you can’t be decisive enough to figure out your own?

Thankfully that whole process this time around has been relatively painless! And now that the rebrand is winding down for me as I prepare to launch this new portfolio website, receive my freshly ordered business cards, and step out into the world as Caitlin-Marie, the feelings are quickly changing from trepidation to full blown excitement!

T-minus 6 months and counting!!

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