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Hello, I’m Caitlin-Marie

My life story in a nutshell goes something like this: High school girl goes above and beyond when it comes to beautifying any and every school assignment that comes across her desk. Girl decides to go the route of private Art School, excels at design and graduates with Honors. Girl dives head first into the creative field absorbing everything she can about the industry. Fast forward several years and girl comes down with a severe case of wanderlust and decides to pack her bags and move to the epicentre of Europe – London, where she falls head-over-heels for everything English.

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10th of October

Steve Nash Environmental Collateral

With a membership count of upwards of 100,000, new leads are the currency of the business for Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club. For this reason, the Marketing Department is always looking to keep the outward-facing environmental collateral fresh and attractive. These leadboxes were a refresh of the existing design and incorporate the latest imagery from photoshoots I personally commissioned and art directed. Meanwhile, the bus backs were a lesson in making complex dielines work with my vision.


25th of August

Hairy Back Ranch

Hairy Back Ranch (no, I’m not making that name up!) came to us hoping to salvage some of the branding previously established by another design agency while still reinvigorating and bringing our own touch to the look since the client was not completely satisfied with their original end result. The refresh involved a brochure redesign, as well as an update of the tag, and finally the box.

I worked closely with the printer to ensure the right methods were used during production and to make certain there would be no feelings of disappointment on the client’s end again. From a one colour job on plain brown kraft cardboard to a full colour job on white board with lots of pop and a proper utilization of the client’s eye-catching photography, the end result has the client raving, just like we hoped.

This project was completed while employed at Studiothink.


10th of March

Lice 911

Lice911 was looking to reinforce their all natural approach to ridding the head of lice so I devised a design that incorporated natural colours and textures. Extensive photoshopping was required for this project as well as refreshing the client’s existing logo with a new typeface for the wordmark.

Overall the appearance is a great contrast on the shelf compared to the typical sterile, clinical packaging that is common for this type of product.

This project was completed while employed at Studiothink.



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